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Natural Felt Knee Pads (pair)
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white knee pad, natural kneepads dance, dancers

Natural Felt Knee Pads (pair)

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$18.75 per pair

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Regarding Sizing - measure the circumference of area just above your knee. 

The Natural Felt Knee Pads are tube like, same width at the top and bottom with a more stretchy banding. These come in one size which fits most adults. Circumference just above the knee should be at least 13".

The Black Knee Pads style is a more contoured fitting knee pad, wider at the top, narrow at the bottom. 

Between the two, the natural felt ones are a little more comfortable if you plan to wear them 4 or more hours at a time, but the black has a more stylish fit and look. Please let us know if you have additional questions.

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Customer Reviews

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Taylor Duckwall



Flexible knee padding!

slim! wash them! more color/shade options please

Hi! I really love these for myself, as a professional modern dancer. They are much less bulky than other brands. They were itchy at first, but after a wash (and air dry), they felt much more comfortable. As a dance teacher, I recommended them for my students. However, a darker skin option would be greatly appreciated to make them look more natural on darker skin.

Comfortable and long lasting

My daughter wore these for a week long intensive and they were great. She actually kept them on all day because they were that comfortable. She is petite, but they still stayed up. Highly recommend for floor work!

Sabine Satie
Feeling the felt

Padded with actual wool felt mixture I am impressed and delighted at the quality. They do not itch and give enough support and padding to protect without being too visible or clumsy looking.
I am 5,8” and they fit snug enough, yet not binding at the thigh.

Dance Knee Pads, $14.50 & 15.00 per pair, Natural or Black, FREE SHIPPING within the U.S. Thin Dance Knee Pads with felt padding. Comfortable, flexible, perfect for any type of floor work. Natural Knee Pads for Dance (pair) - Slim, Protective, Comfortable - For Dancers, Yoga, All Physical Activities – East West Company