Black, Thin Knee Pads, Kneepads for Dance, Dancers
Front - Black, Skinny KneePads, Knee Pads for Dancers, Ballet, Hip Hop
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Set of 2 Kneepads for Dance, Dancers, Black, Thin
black dance kneepads, knee pads for dancers
kneepads black dancer, dance slim thin knee pads

Black Knee Pads (pair)

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$17.00 per pair

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Regarding Sizing - measure the circumference of area just above your knee. 

Circumference is 12"-13-1/2" - Size Medium (formally marked Size Small)
Circumference is 14" and above - Size Large (formally marked Size Med/Large)

The Black Knee Pads style is a more contoured fitting knee pad, wider at the top, narrow at the bottom. Sizing for the black ones runs on the smaller size.

The Natural Knee Pads are tube like, same width at the top and bottom with a more stretchy banding. These come in one size which fits most adults. Circumference just above the knee should be at least 13".

Between the two, the black has a more stylish fit and look, but the natural felt ones are a little more comfortable if you plan to wear them 4 or more hours at a time. Please let us know if you have additional questions.

See Natural Kneepads

Customer Reviews

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Emily K
Accurately advertised

So far, so good. I wore these knee pads to a contact improv class and they did fine. They were also low-profile as advertised and the quality is high.

Great kneepads and company!

I've been ordering these kneepads for my dance studio for years and they are the best I've found for dancers! They are tall, not too thick, and mold to the knee. Great quality, and The East West Company has always gone above and beyond to ensure great service!

Sizing for Male Dancers

I was concerned that the medium/large black knee pads wouldn't fit right for males dancers, but they are perfect.

Top Quality!

These kneepads impressed me the moment I opened the package, touched their top-quality materials, and saw how well they are made. When I slipped the kneepads on, they felt good right away. Their comfortable, snug fit stays in place, and the materials provide excellent support and cushioning. I recommend these highly for dancing and athletics — even housework you do on your hands and knees. These fine kneepads protect your knees for active living!

Dance Knee Pads, $14.50 & 15.00 per pair, Natural or Black, FREE SHIPPING within the U.S. Thin Dance Knee Pads with felt padding. Comfortable, flexible, perfect for any type of floor work. Black Knee Pads for Dance (pair) - Slim, Protective, Comfortable - For Dancers, Yoga, All Physical Activities – East West Company